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Flat embroidery is employed where designs are sewn directly onto the product with thread. Any of the following stitch types can be used for a single design. We will pick the most appropriate stitch type to capture the design details.

  • SATIN stitch: A long, straight stitch used to outline an object.
  • RUN stitch: A single-lined stitch used for small design details.
  • TATAMI fill: Rows of stitches used to fill large areas.
  • THREAD colours : 15

Follow these guidelines to create embroidery designs. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE desirable results if your design doesn't meet these guidelines.

  • Use text lines with a minimum height of 0.25" (6.4mm) and a thickness of 0.05" (1.3mm) for regular stitching.
  • For lines below the minimum thickness, a run stitch will be used as an alternative.

Design and colour choices

  • Create embroidery specific designs. Due to their complexity, most graphics that work with DTG (direct to garment) will not be suitable for embroidery.
  • Use vector images (in PDF format or PNG files with at least 150DPI) with solid shapes and colours, not photographic images.
  •  Stick to solid colours and designs, fill in any empty space to maintain edge integrity.
  • Avoid distressed or textured  graphics.
  • Use simple and small designs on thin garments to guarantee quality and durability. Large and complex embroidery designs require a high stitch count, which will stress thin fabric.
  • Design your embroidery design slightly larger than intended. The embroidery is applied on a stretched garment, resulting in a finished design slightly smaller than the file submitted.

File and Stitch Count Management

  • Use a transparent background when possible.
  • Keep backgrounds to minimum in large areas to stay within the stitch count limit. Consider scaling down graphics by up to 50% if a background is essential.
  • For best results, limit text to 10 characters per line in side embroidery areas!